Our Mission

To harness the power of everyday food choices to change the way people engage with our industry, the planet and their community.


Well being is about the whole. What is good for me, must be good for the land and the people who provide for it. Sustainability can only occur when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Is about connection. Every organism in the world is part of a larger whole. It’s time we leverage the power of our craft to unite all peoples a common table.


A reflection of time and place. The power of today will shape the communities of tomorrow.

Eat Justice is a movement of restaurants on a mission to translate taste and tradition to pride and progress. Through cause partnerships, creative events and everyday food choices, we work to keep cultural diversity strong, reconnect with our environment, and empower the talented restaurant community.

Growing up in CT’s suburbia as second-generation immigrants, we cherished our families’ dinner tables as they were a place of belonging, comfort, and connection. Today, we honor the importance of food and the communal meal. With Eat Justice, we hope to keep this sense of community, empowerment, and gratitude alive. Our passion for food and for sharing these ideals is what allows us to give back to the communities and families that have shaped us and supported us along the way. We thank you for sharing this journey with us and hope you enjoy every moment of your life.

Tony & Rich