Volume 1

Si Se Puede: Yes We Can!

Mecha Noodle Bar partnered with Pink Pledge for the month of November to help raise funds for breast cancer research.

A. Food Waste (The Broth)

Typically cast aside for the family pet, bones are a staple of sustenance cuisines around the world. We lovingly honor these ‘castaways’ for over 36 hours, bringing you that stick-icky tonkotsu goodness.

B. Community (Egg)

Know your food. Know your neighbor. A collective of six CT family dairy farms, The Farmer’s Cow, is committed to putting a face to CT agriculture and so are we.

C. Culture (Noddles)

Pasta. Fideos. Spaghetto. The world speaks the language of noodles and our mothers won’t let us stop until all of CT is doing the same. The future of tradition is now.

Mecha pledged to donate 50 cents from each bowl of noodles sold to breast cancer research.

Pho Ramen
Bowls of Hope (50¢ each)
4627 bowls

To draw awareness, we developed a special Love Potion #9 Cocktail, donation a dollar from each sale towards the cause.

glass Love Potion #9 x 93 Cocktails $93.00

Combining both Bowls of Hope and Love Potions, we raised nearly $2,500 for breast cancer research! We thank you for your continued support.

Total Donation:
Eternally committed, TONY & RICHIE