Volume 3

The Cause

Promoting an awareness & education campaign to combat oppression of the Romani culture.

The Romani people, commonly known as “gypsies”, have been in Europe for over 1000 years. They are very much part of the European landscape, including the tens of thousands that immigrated to the US during the great migration. In Bulgaria, and many of the Eastern European nations, a trend of forced segregation in educational institutions is a current problem. This discrimination forces the majority of Romani youth to drop out prematurely, depriving them of the skills needed to support themselves and be active members of society. The pursuit of higher education is the only way to burst the cultural bubble of isolation for Romani youth.

The Mission

to build sustainable social networks that encourage educational pursuits, instill a culture of giving back and promote mentorship

During the month of November, fifty cents from each bowl of ramen sold will be donated to the Areté Youth Foundation to provide educational aide for the Romani youth in Bulgaria.

  • 1Culture

    “Like all citizens, Roma should have the opportunity to live free from discrimination, enjoy equal access to education, healthcare and employment, and pursue their full God-given potential.”
    - Hillary Clinton

  • 2Education

    “Due to a long tradition of racism and prejudice against the culture, less then 1 % of Romani youth seek higher education.”
    - Areté Youth Foundation

  • 3Awareness

    “Due to negative entertainment media, most Americans believe that the Romani people are either mystical characters from a novel, or beggars and thieves.”
    - Romani Media Initiative

Our Story: Food & Family

Growing up in CT’s suburbia as second-generation immigrants, we cherished our families’ dinner tables as they were a place of belonging, comfort, and connection.

Today, we honor the importance of food and the communal meal. With Eat Justice, we hope to keep this sense of community, empowerment, and gratitude alive. Our passion for food and for sharing these ideals is what allows us to give back to the communities and families that have shaped us and supported us along the way.

We thank you for sharing this journey with us and hope you enjoy every moment of your life.

Grateful, Tony & Richie

The Goal $5,000
50¢ donated for every bowl of ramen sold

As part of the awareness campaign, The Romani Media Initiative and The Areté Youth Foundation are partnering up with Mecha Noodle Bar to raise awareness about the plight of the Roma people.

Sing it Romanes

A dais of talented Romani musicians and performers will tell the epic story of their history, from their first arrival in Europe to their survival of the holocaust, and their ongoing struggle for inclusion. Through an artistic musical event, we can both educate and entertain, because we believe that “art speaks to the soul in a way nothing else can”. The night promises to be a dynamic celebration of Romani culture and arts throughout history and a source of Roma pride.